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Which of these issues are important to you?

  • Election Integrity

  • Taxation

  • Health Care

  • School Funding

  • Public Safety

  • Immigration

  • Border Security

  • Sanctuary Cities and Counties

  • Government Overreach

  • Unfunded Public Pension Liability

  • Debt

​    There is no shortage of issues that have a profound effect on Arizona and Arizonans, both now and in the future. They are all equally important to me and are in no particular order but, unlike many elected officials I'd really like to know your thoughts.  E-mail me at and let me know which of these issue keeps you awake at night.   


    However, no matter what your front door issue is, during the next legislative session someone may propose a bill that allegedly addresses the issue.  My intention is to closely scrutinize proposed bills and seek your opinion on passage.  Here is my legislative analysis procedure which I will apply to every bill I'm asked to consider and support.

  • What problem does the legislation intend to fix?

  • Is the problem really a problem; how many people does it effect?

  • Does the proposed legislation really fix the problem?

  • What are the unintended consequences of the legislation?

  • Whose agenda does the legislation serve?

  • How much does the legislation cost?

  • What is the funding mechanism?

    Legislative proposals are many times not what they seem. They contain poison pills that are very cleverly hidden in the bill or provisions that may not have been completely analyzed.  If gone unnoticed, they may have undesirable effects on the taxpayers of Arizona.  We need legislators that will avoid bad legislation and are beyond the control of special interests and PAC money. 


    During my analysis of a bill, I'll be able to determine what special interest is supporting the legislation and what effect the legislation will have on you, the residents of LD-22.

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