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Van DiCarlo Headshot.jpg

Van DiCarlo 

Conservative Republican for Senator of the

22nd Legislative District

of Arizona

Integrity - Focus - Intensity - Determination - Vigilance

Nearly 50 years ago, I took the oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution and have been doing so with integrity and honor ever since. 

The Conference

My Values

Anti - Socialism 
Anti - Sanctuary City, County, or State
Anti - Big Government
Anti - National Popular Vote
Anti - 14th Amendment Citizenship
Anti - Illegal Immigration 
Anti - Drug Legalization 
Anti - Regulations
Pro - Life
Pro - 2nd Amendment
Pro - Border Security 
Pro - Law Enforcement 
Pro - Legal Immigration 
Pro - Tax Payer 
Pro - School Choice 
Pro - Business

I cannot be bought by anyone at any price for any reason.

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